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This project will develop tools and techniques for implementing strategies to enhance resilience of road infrastructure to multi-hazards of floods, fire and climate change and earthquakes.
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Enhancing resilience of critical road infrastructure: Bridges, culverts and flood-ways under natural hazards

Road networks and critical road structures such as bridges, culverts and flood ways have a vital role before, during and after extreme events to reduce the vulnerability of the community being served. 

Capturing the Impact of the Failure of Critical Road Structures on the Community

How does the performance of critical road structures such as bridges, culverts and floodways affect the community they serve; before, during and after the occurrence of a natural disaster?

Weena Lokuge Conference Poster 2016

It is important to assess the vulnerability of bridges in an extreme flood event as these critical infrastructures contribute to the resilience of the community during and in the recovery stage of the event.

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Maryam Nasim Conference Poster 2016

The research is focused on the assessment of the vulnerability of a concrete u-slab bridge as a bridge type widely used in australia and simulation of the structure exposed to the different flood intensities and its consequent log impact.

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Amila Dissanayake Conference Poster 2016

Focus of this research is to assess the performance of existing composite steel girder bridges to most rational bushfire (bf) and hydrocarbon (hc) fire events.

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Farook Kalendher Conference Poster 2016

There is a significant need to perform adequate assessment of the vulnerability of bridges and bridge networks prior to future flood events in Australia.

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