Rachel Westcott

Dr Rachel Westcott

PhD Student
Dr Rachel Westcott

Student project

This recently completed study developed best practice methods for preparedness and response practices in a bushfire, with the aim of enhancing community well-being and safety.
Supervisory panel:
FUELS ain’t FUELS! Crops, “conservation farming” and cropland fires
18 Sep 2018
"Firebreaks and spraying fence lines mightn’t stop the fire but give you something to burn back to...
Bushfire preparedness: how to become 'fire-fit' without really noticing
29 Jun 2017
Narrowing the awareness-action gap: cultivating a culture of routine all-hazards preparedness...
The Interactions Between Emergency Responders and Animal Owners in Bushfire: Improving Community Preparedness and Response Outcomes
18 Aug 2015
The purpose of this study is to develop best practice methods for preparedness and response...

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