Dr Mengran Yu

Completed PhD student
Dr Mengran Yu

Student project

This research project is analysing the relationships between bushfires, prescribed fires, soil carbon, forested catchments and water quality. The key questions being addressed include how does fire of different intensities affect the quality of soil carbon in forests, how will a change in soil carbon affect water quality from forested catchments, and whether certain areas or characteristics of catchments affect water quality after bushfires. It will also investigate if the effects of low and high intensity fire on water quality can be predicted.
Supervisory panel:
Assessing SWAT model sensitivity to fire-related soil organic carbon changes using digital soil mapping products
19 Sep 2018
"Biomass burning is one of the main causes of carbon loss in the soil and could lead to increased...
The effect of wildfire on forested catchment water quality: empirical versus mechanistic models
30 Jun 2017
Wildfire removes the surface vegetation, releases ash, increases erosion and runoff, and therefore...
Mengran Yu Conference Poster 2016
14 Aug 2016
This research project will analyse the relationships among bushfires and prescribed fires, soil...

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