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Prof Mehmet Ulubasoglu

Prof Mehmet Ulubasoglu

Professor Mehmet Ulubasoglu is the Director of the Centre for Energy, the Environment and Natural Disasters at Deakin University. Mehmet has been awarded several research projects as chief investigator both nationally and internationally, including the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation, and Asia-Pacific Network, and the Asian Disaster Preparedness Centre. He has also held consultancy roles for the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank.

Mehmet investigates the economic resilience of individuals to natural disasters of various scales and types, to inform a sustainable natural disaster recovery model that allocates scarce disaster resources towards the most vulnerable individuals and demographic groups within the community.

Project leadership

Understanding the economic resilience of disaster-hit communities can help build more sustainable natural disaster recovery models that direct funding towards the most vulnerable individuals and groups. This is important because the immediate focus in the wake of natural hazards is typically placed on the emergency response, and it takes time to realise the economic effects of the disasters. This research project combines real life case studies, confidential ABS Longitudinal Census data, advanced disaster mapping, and empirical economic modelling to illustrate how recent natural disasters have impacted and rippled through communities and the broader economy over time. By exploring both sector-disaggregated and demographic-specific impacts, it helps policymakers better understand the socioeconomics of natural disasters and formulate public policies in a way that better distributes scarce budgets and resources towards vulnerable socio-economic groups and sectors of employment. This will help overcome the lack of estimates of the full economic impact of natural hazards covering all the affected sectors of the economy.
Research team:
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