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The economic impacts resulting from natural disasters are often overlooked in the economic planning process. This is because the immediate focus in the wake of natural hazards is typically placed on the emergency response, and it takes time to realise the economic effects of the disasters. In Australia, the disaster management arrangements across all stages (mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery) have proven to be very successful at saving lives, however, less attention and resources have been devoted to the economic impacts of natural disasters. One of the problems identified in this setting is the lack of estimates of the full economic impact of natural hazards covering all the affected sectors of the economy. An ideal estimation should reflect both the primary and secondary effects of the natural disasters so that persistent losses throughout the economy originating from various sectors are taken into account.

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 Bringing hazard and economic modellers together

 A paper on the use of a spatial platform for damage and loss visualization to bring together hazard and economic modellers

Mehmet Ulubasoglu Conference Poster 2016

This project is investigating, at the national level, the economic impact of natural disasters on sectoral growth of the Australian economy. 

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