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The project will inform decision making on the mitigation of community risk posed by Australian buildings in flood plain environments, either through poor planning, or placed there by design as part of planned developments. It complements parallel CRC projects for earthquake and severe wind.
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This research project will draw upon and extend existing research and capability to develop information that will inform policy, business and private individuals on their decisions concerning reducing vulnerability.
This project will identify the data requirements and modelling framework to derive exposure information to enable a better understanding of the vulnerability of people, buildings and infrastructure.
The primary objective of this project is to develop cost-effective strategies for mitigating damage to housing from severe windstorms across Australia.
This project will develop tools and techniques for implementing strategies to enhance resilience of road infrastructure to multi-hazards of floods, fire and climate change and earthquakes.
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Presentation-Audio-Video 04 May 2016 Hardening buildings and infrastructure - cluster overview Save (0 bytes) engineering, infrastructure, multi-hazard

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