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A/Prof Jennifer Boldero
Project Leader


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Project leadership

This project will identify barriers and enablers in residents’ decision making, preparing, and planning with regard to natural hazards.

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Improving the role of hazard communications in increasing residents' preparedness and response planning

Communication and education of risk mitigation strategies play an essential role in building and maintaining resilience through preparation and planning by residents. However, little is known about the relative effectiveness of existing hazard communications and education strategies. 

Does the Use of Information Sources Lead to Better Hazard Preparedness?

In two studies amongst residents of bushfire and flood prone areas we examined whether residents who actively use brochures, websites, and/or go to community information sessions to prepare, end up preparing more than those who do not use these sources. The studies supported this, but also showed that the majority of the sample did not use any information sources to prepare for bushfires and floods.

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2015-2016 year in review

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