Gabriela Raducan

PhD student
Gabriela Raducan

Student project

This project is investigating the impacts of land use types on river water quality during base-flow and storm-flow conditions for areas subjected to bushfires in Victoria. It is considering the analysis of the cumulative impacts of land use influence on the chemical, physical and biological properties of water and how these are affected by bushfire. It is also evaluating how the use of refined digital elevation models (based on LiDAR) affect water quality modelling and how land managers can model both point source and diffuse inputs using GIS.
Predicting Water Quality Parameters in Latrobe catchment using eWater Source
19 Sep 2018
In this research the impact of bushfires on Total Suspended Solids (TSS), Total Nitrogen (TN) and...
Water quality modelling with eWater source in Latrobe Catchment, Victoria
30 Jun 2017
This research is designed to develop a spatial approach to support the planning of the water...
Gabriela Raducan Conference Poster 2016
14 Aug 2016
This project will investigate the impacts of land use types on river water quality during base-flow...

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