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Andrew is Director Government Business and Enterprise Risk Management at Risk Frontiers. He is an emergency and risk management expert.  Andrew has performed various senior executive roles in the emergency management and social services sectors, including as the Deputy Chief Officer of the Victoria State Emergency Service and Director of Risk Management for the NSW Department of Family and Community Services.

Andrew is passionate about risk management and his main interests lie in enhancing the capability of organisations and communities to manage risk and ultimately enhance their resilience. Andrew is known for his strategic thought leadership, and in the provision and implementation of end to end management solutions, including cultural change.

Andrew is an experienced crisis leader having held senior state-wide leadership roles during some of Australia’s most significant natural disasters such as the ‘Pasha Bulka’ Storm (2007), Black Saturday Bushfires (2009), and the Victorian Floods (2010/11). He has been author of state-wide disaster plans, policies and resilience strategies, for which he has received several awards.

Andrews’s significant professional experience is complemented by his academic achievements having completed a Masters of Science (Honours) Degree and a Bachelor of Economics Degree. Andrew is also a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and a certified business continuity practitioner.

Project leadership

This project, currently under development, will begin on 1 July 2017. It will aim to better understand the nature of catastrophe and identify ways to improve management approaches in the Australian context. Catastrophic disasters are different from every day disasters. Response strategies that routinely work in smaller events will be quickly overwhelmed and ineffective. The role of emergency management agencies becomes focused on providing leadership, facilitation, subject matter expertise, public information and warnings, and specialist resources. In the United States a government-centric approach has been recognised as being insufficient to meet the challenges posed by large disasters. Government is only one part of the overall team; and that arrangements must leverage all of the resources available.

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Would You Drive Through Flood Water?

Floods are the second highest cause of death from natural hazard events in Australia following extreme heat. Bushfire and Natural Hazard CRC research has so far uncovered 1874 flood fatalities between 1900-2015. This data shows a growing number of fatalities associated with vehicles entering floodwaters, particularly 4WDs.

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