Angela Gormley

Associate student
Angela Gormley

Angela is currently completing a Master of Philosophy (Agriculture) at the University of Sydney. Her thesis title is ‘Effects of surface litter by forest classification on fuels and fire behaviour in Hornsby Shire’. Her supervisors are Assoc Prof Tina Bell and Dr Malcolm Possell. Angela has completed two degrees at the University of New South Wales; a Graduate Diploma of Environmental Management and a Bachelor of Science with a Physics major and Mathematics minor. 

Angela’s current research interest is to characterise changes in fuel loads with prescribed burning in a heavily populated area of the Sydney Basin to aid local land managers in assessing the reduction in bushfire risk using planned fire. 

Student project

This study seeks to answer questions such as whether prescribed burning alters all the components of the fuel load in typical vegetation types in the Sydney Basin, and whether plants that are characteristic of different vegetation types in the Sydney Basin differ in their leaf morphology and flammability traits. It also explores whether information about fuel loads and flammability can be used to guide land managers in mitigation of risk from bushfires.
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