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The University of Barcelona

Community at the top of the list all over the world

The last month for me has been a relaxing one, with a period of leave in Europe. During this time I attended a joint conference in University of Barcelona venue : the International Association of Wildland Fire Safety Summit and then the International Congress on Prescribed Fire. The prescribed fire congress was organised by a not-for-profit group in Catalonia, the Pau Costa Foundation. This is an interesting organisation that sits between the academic world and the practioners and fire managers.

The two conferences were well attended, both attracting more than 300 each. I was given the honour of delivering one of the keynote presentations at the Safety Summit, titled Fire Safety Systems – The Future.

The CRC was quite well represented, with a number of our researchers presenting. This included project leader Dr Tina Bell, who gave a keynote address at the prescribed burning congress. Members of TIna's team also spoke, including Dr Malcom Possell, Dr Mana Gharun and CRC PhD student Houzhi Wang. In the Safety Summit there were presentations by CRC project leaders Dr Michael Eburn and Dr Chris Bearman.

The locations were nothing short of stunning. It is the first time I have presented in a Palace (Pedralbes Royal Palace) under chandeliers. The University of Barcelona venue for the prescribed burning congress was equally as stunning (see photo above).

The conferences saw presentations from around Europe and the US as well as presentations from Australia and New Zealand. It is amazing how many of the issues are similar, with interactions with the community at the top of the list. 

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