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Dr John Bates
Research Director


Cameron Yates address the crowd at the October 2017 RAF.
Cameron Yates address the crowd at the October 2017 RAF.

How we can best support utilisation that delivers real outcomes

My first two months at the CRC have been a great opportunity to explore our research portfolio and to meet and discuss our projects with researchers and end-users. The recent Melbourne Research Advisory Forum gave me an opportunity to hear from many of our projects and it is clear that as a group we learned a lot from the July's Showcase in Adelaide, and that our research clusters are now telling compelling stories that link their projects to their intended use. There are still many more of you that I will meet in coming months to continue these discussions.

Whilst as a CRC, we have achieved impressive outcomes at the project level, there are significant opportunities for us to link the research and utilisation across multiple projects to deliver even more valuable outcomes to our end-users and to communities, who are the ultimate beneficiaries of our work.

If there is a single message from my first days at the CRC it is that I will be looking closely at the utilisation plans for all of our projects, initially to make sure that they are realistic and are likely to deliver outcomes in a form that is useable by our end-users and then to look at how the CRC can best support you in achieving those outcomes.

In the coming months, we will be supporting the CRC’s Board in reviewing our research and utilisation activities, and in preparation for that review we will be convening a meeting of the International Science Advisory Panel to review the scientific program. We will be working with research leaders and lead end-users to prepare information for the International Science Advisory Panel meeting.

Research is, by its nature, uncertain and changes to the scope of research are not uncommon. Where those changes are necessary for our CRC projects, they should always be agreed on the basis of open and frank discussions between researchers, end-users and the CRC and captured in updated project and utilisation plans. This will ensure the most effective use of the investments of time, money and resources that we are all making into the CRC’s programs.

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