November update: Southern Australian Seasonal Bushfire Outlook 2017-18
An updated Southern Australia Seasonal Bushfire Outlook has been released due to drier and warmer than average conditions since autumn 2017.
Prescribed burning underway. Photo Veronique Florec
Hazard Note 42 covers PhD research by Dr Veronique Florec on the level of investment in prescribed burning in the south west of Western Australia.
Assessing a burnt house after Black Saturday.
Hazard Note 41 covers research into disaster policy reform, suggesting the trial of restorative practices as a powerful alternative to adversarial post-event inquiries.
Royal Park, Launceston, during the June 2016 flood. Photo Flickr upsticksngo_crew
Hazard Note 40 investigates flood mitigation in Launceston, comparing the benefits through avoided impacts of the flood levee mitigation program, against the cost of construction.
A flood wipes out a bridge in southern WA, February 2017. Photo: Dana Fairhead
A set of priorities for national research into natural hazards in Australia has been launched by the Bushfire and Natural Hazards CRC.
This special event showcased our research achievements to date, with nearly 200 people from across emergency management and policy hearing two days of how the findings are being put into practice.

National Research Priorities published: download now

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