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Presentation-Slideshow Review of seasonal bushfire outlook asturgess Andrew Sturgess
Presentation-Slideshow 3D fire simulation for Northern Australia Peter Jacklyn, Rohan Fisher
Presentation-Slideshow NAFI - map of North Australia fire history aedwards
Presentation-Slideshow Queensland bushfire mitigation and overview 2017-18 Gordon Yorke
Presentation-Slideshow Savanna monitoring and reporting framework aedwards
Presentation-Slideshow NAFM at 20 - challenges of fire management at QFES Tony Hazell
Presentation-Slideshow Twenty five years with the RFS in north Queensland Dave Luxton
Presentation-Slideshow An overview of national fire research David Bruce
Presentation-Slideshow Indigenous cultures in the north ssutton
Presentation-Slideshow Challenges and achievements Grant Pipe
Presentation-Slideshow Curing research in the NT cyates, aedwards Cameron Yates
Presentation-Slideshow Queensland fire outlook 2018 Tony Hazell
Presentation-Slideshow Northern Territory 2017 and 2018 Outlook Joshua Fischer
Presentation-Slideshow National intiatives - fire danger ratings, professionalisation Deb Sparkes
Presentation-Slideshow Queensland 2017 fire review and 2018 outlook Nathan Connor
Presentation-Slideshow NAFM at 20 - research objectives jrussellsmith
Presentation-Slideshow Outline of fire and carbon forum aedwards Andrew Edwards
HazardNoteEdition Northern Australia Seasonal Bushfire Outlook 2018

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