Research Advisory Forum - Adelaide March 2014
Research Advisory Forum - Adelaide March 2014
18 Mar 2014

Research Advisory Forum - Establishing the CRC

To kick-off the research program in a coordinated way all project Lead End Users and research Project Leaders were invited to attend our Establishment Research Advisory Forum (RAF) in Adelaide from 18-20 March.

The forum was hosted by the University of Adelaide at its impressive National Wine Centre of Australia.

Other senior partner representatives were encouraged to attend the first day of proceedings to gain an overview of the full research program and meet the key players. 

The Establishment RAF provided the first opportunity for CRC partners, project leaders and end users in the CRC to work together, gain a complete overview of all of the planned research activities within the CRC, and commence the process of shaping the future of each of the 36 projects.  

The Research Advisory Forums will continue to be invaluable for ensuring each project receives regular feedback and ongoing support.  They will be held twice a year, with each project reporting on its progress once a year.

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Research Advisory Forum - Adelaide March 2014
19 March, 2014 | The research program kicked off this week with 170 project end users and researchers attending our Establishment Research Advisory Forum (RAF) in Adelaide.

Type Title Credited author Credited author/s NON-CRC
Presentation-Slideshow Scientific diversity and uncertainty - bushfire and flood risk mitigation Jessica Weir
Presentation-Slideshow Governance and institutional knowledge Michael Eburn
Presentation-Slideshow Pre-disaster damage and economic loss estimation model Mehmet Ulubasoglu, Abbas Rajabifard
Presentation-Slideshow The Australian natural disasters resilience index Phil Morley, Melissa Parsons
Presentation-Slideshow Resilience and Mitigation through Hardening the Built Environment Michael Griffith
Presentation-Slideshow Enhancing resilience of critical road structures Sujeeva Setunge
Presentation-Slideshow Natural hazard exposure information modelling framework Krishna Nadimpalli
Presentation-Slideshow Resilience to clustered disaster events on the coast Scott Nichol, Martine Woolf Martyn Hazelwood
Presentation-Slideshow Developing better predictions and forecasts for extreme water levels Charitha Pattiaratchi
Presentation-Slideshow Fire spread prediction across fuel types Graham Thorpe
Presentation-Slideshow Optimisation of fuel reduction burning regimes for fuel reduction, carbon, water and vegetation outcomes Tina Bell
Presentation-Slideshow Fire management for northern Australia Jeremy Russell-Smith
Presentation-Slideshow Fire management training for northern Australia Stephen Sutton
Presentation-Slideshow Monitoring and prediction Albert van Dijk, Geoff Cary, Marta Yebra, Simon Jones, Karin Reinke, Nicholas Chrisman, Imtiaz Dharssi, Valentijn Pauwels, Jeffrey Walker
Presentation-Slideshow Improved predictions of severe weather to reduce community impact Jeff Kepert
Presentation-Slideshow An analysis of human fatalities and building losses from natural disasters Katharine Haynes
Presentation-Slideshow Using realistic disaster scenario analysis Felipe Dimer-deOliveira
Presentation-Slideshow Mapping bushfire hazard and vulnerability and risk Roger Jones Celeste Young
Presentation-Slideshow Out of uniform John Handmer, Josh Whittaker, Blythe McLennan
Presentation-Slideshow Capability Needs for Emergency and Disaster Management Organisations Paul Barnes
Presentation-Slideshow Connecting communities and resilience Vivienne Tippett, Ilona McNeill
Presentation-Slideshow Building community resilience in northern Australia Andrew Campbell
Presentation-Slideshow Building best practice in child-centred disaster risk reduction Kevin Ronan
Presentation-Slideshow Managing animals in disasters Mel Taylor, Kirrilly Thompson
Presentation-Slideshow Economics of natural hazards David Pannell, Atakelty Hailu
Presentation-Slideshow Sustainable volunteering Michael Jones
Presentation-Slideshow Decision support system for assessment of policy and planning investment options for optimal natural hazard mitigation Holger Maier
Presentation-Audio-Video Images of the Event: 2014 Adelaide RAF David Bruce
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